EVA Report – December 11th

Crew 200 EVA Report 11-12-2018

EVA #4

Author: Antoine Bocquier

Purpose of EVA: 1) Map out locations that allow radio communication between EVA crew and HabCom, in northern and southern regions 2) Test how EVAs can safely and effectively be conducted with three-member crew, including rover use.

Start time: 9:10

End time: 10:55

Narrative: After the engineering tour, we drove with Curiosity to the north, then to the south to explore and map the regions of communication strength/readibility. We applied a communication protocol to control the radio strength/readability (QSA/QRK codes) every minute and communicate GPS coordinates every 5mn.
We first drove to Galileo road, planning to stop for a short walk at Connector Stream Bed. However we did not find both of them, being focused on our communication test protocol and with the recent snow melting. We went further than expected to the north, up to cowboy’s corner where we stopped as we realized from the transmitted coordinates that we were too far.
On our way back to the Hab to change the rover and go to the south, we confirmed the location of Connector Stream Bed. Arrived at the Hab at 9:50, we took Opportunity to go to Robert’s Rock Garden, applying the same communication protocol. From there we walked along Kissing Camel Ridge Edge to complete yesterday’s mapping of this area. We then drove back and came back on time at the Hab. Analysis of the acquired data is in process and the first results are promising!

Destination: Galileo Road (up to Cowboy Corner) + Robert’s Rock Garden

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 518000 E – 4249300 N to 519000 E – 4252500 N

Participants: Makiah, Antoine

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map : Cow Dung Road by driving, walking along Kissing Camel East Ridge

Mode of travel: driving, walking

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