Greenhab Report – December 19th

Dear Mission Support,
Receive our GH Report,

Greenhab Officer:
Walter Calles

Environmental Control:
Cooling w/ ambient air (2hrs)

40% Shade Cloth on

Average Temperatures:
Low: 26.6°C
High: 43.4°C

Hours of Supplemental Light:

Daily Water Usage of Crops:
16 gallons

Water in Blue Tank (lbs):

Times of Watering for Crops:

Changes to crops:
Tomatoes keep growing. 2 of the pots present the best performance.
Baby greens growing good, but one of the flats is not presenting good progress.
Cucumbers growing a little bit slow.
Lettuce starting to grow in good shape. Will keep track of them.

Temperature is growing a lot, we need to adjust down the heater.
Heavy water to all plants today. Humidity overal is a little bit low, maybe due to the increase of temperature.
I think that shade can be reduced a little bit (maybe to 30%)
Salads and raddishes looking in great shape! Will do an amazing meal for Christmas


Support/Supplies Needed:
Due to the increase of weather temperature, we need to adjust the heater to reduce the temperature around 20-25%. Can I do it by myself, or I can get some help on that?
I recovered our first soil samples today on the EVA. I’ll start with my soil mix tomorrow, with a 30% of sample + 70% garden soil.

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