EVA Report – December 22nd

EVA # 6

Author: Federico Martinez, Crew Astronomer.

Purpose of EVA: Further identify plausible RAN repeater locations with the consideration of 22 dBw antenna power for local cell generation (up to 3 km radius per cell). Additional soil samples from locations within route.

Start time: 10:45
End time: 14:42

Narrative: The crew drove for about 5 km and then stopped aside the road to start walking to our destiny, The Moon. The rovers are having troubles with the battery due to the low temperatures.

We decided to cut the road by walking inside the dunes of Mars, but after a few hours, the crew got confused about the correct way to our destination. Guiding us with the map, we found out that we were on the right direction to The Moons. During this long walk we explored the zone for our EVA objectives. After almost 4 km, the crew finally arrived to the destiny and a little further. We took a couple of pictures and measurements to begin the walk back to the Hab. The total distance of today´s EVA was 17 km, and from this 7.3 were by walking.

Destination: The Moon

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): E515708.2, N4254873

Participants: Commander, HSO, Greenhab Officer, Crew Astronomer\scientist

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: From the Hab through the PEV Road to the north a few kilometers before exit 1572 Brahe Hwy. We walked through White Moon, Beige Moon until we found the road in Yellow Moon. We walked back through Brahe Hwy.

Mode of travel: Driving and walking.

Vehicles you will be using (If applicable): Curiosity & Opportunity

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