Journalist Report – December 26th

Crew 201 Journalist Report – 26DEC2018

The Martian Chronicles

[SOL 11] – Friendship across the stars.

As far as we are concerned, we are alone in the universe. Earth is the only planet where life of any kind exists. Our home is unique in any and all ways. In Earth, we look up to the stars and our neighboring planets wondering if other species exist and if they are anything like us if they love or have meaningful friendships. We humans, when we look up to the sky and search, as sent in the last message to Voyager 1, we offer our universe friendship across the stars. We shout to the universe YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

MDRS Crew 201 – MEx-1

As crew members, we have been strengthening different skills that we already had. Learning what our strength and weaknesses are an important part of making a successful mission. As friends, we have had the chance to keep on learning more of each one of us and what makes us special. United crews make life easier on the desolated planet Mars. We are fortunate to be surrounded by friends in the most inhospitable location for humans in the universe and that is what makes our trip so special.

Today, we had the opportunity to record a few videos of the activities we perform on the hab. This we will send back to Earth for other explorers that are interested in joining us in our adventures on the red planet and hopefully interest the younger generations to study Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics which are key for the survival of Earth and humans across the universe. Every team member was able to support this opportunity and was happy to contribute with their experience that many at home will enjoy.

Oh, by the way, our in-hab chef was nice enough to make quesadillas to remember our planning nights back at home. We remember the first Mexican astronaut, Neri Vela, who pushed for having tortillas in space. I am sure that he would be proud to know that we are thinking of his near earth tortillas while having a delicious Mars made meal.

Having your ties to home is a good way to maintain the spirits up. New traditions at our new home make up for fantastic stories.

We are closing in on some of the experiments, the rover making with the 3D printer is at picking up speed and should be done in the next rotation. The tools for a special shipment have been completed and we are very eager to work with some of the last of our experiments before having to leave the base.

We are counting up our Martian sols. Rotations come quickly and our time together is coming up soon. Sharing meals, enjoying work and learning from Mars will help us to teach the future generation of Martians what to expect and how to deal with it as a team and as friends.

MEx-1 continuará informando.

Genaro Grajeda, MDRS Crew 201 Co-Journalist

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