Sol Summary – December 28th

Crew 201 Sol Summary Report 28-Dec-2018.

Sol: 13

Summary Title: End of simulation ☹

Author’s name: Carlos Mariscal, XO.

Mission Status: We are closing experiments, preparing our travel back to Earth.

Sol Activity Summary: Today we reached the end of our stay on Mars. Closed our experiments, did the food inventory and some snow cleansing.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will finish the Hab cleansing, and get ready for the arrival of Purdue crew to do the handover of all the necessary.

Anomalies in work: 3D printer had a mal function and we could not finish all the planned parts to be printed for the rover experiment.

Weather: Coldest day so far, snow, calm winds.

Crew Physical Status: We are all good.

EVA: We had an EVA planned just outside the Hab, however, it did not take place due to technical difficulties.

Reports to be file:

– Commander report

– EVA report

– Greenhab report

– Science report

– Astronomy report

– Operations report

– Journalist report

– Photos

– Mission Summary

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