Sol Summary – December 30th

Crew 202 Sol Summary Report / Commander Report 30-Dec-2018

Sol: 1

Summary Title: It’s the final countdown

Author’s name: Cesare Guariniello

Mission Status: The crew is almost on Mars, ready to begin their isolated life in the most amazing habitat in the world. Oh, wait, outside of this world!! Destination: Mars.

Sol Activity Summary: Today five excited earthlings and one "slightly more experienced" half-Martian learned a little bit about life on Mars. A few fixes to the extension cords that power the water tank were followed by a mix of chores in the habitat, setting up rooms, sorting food, and replenishing our water supply. The late afternoon has been occupied with fixing the automatic observatory, and with the first part of crew training.

It is hard to find words to describe the feeling of being "at home" again, and how great it is to discover I am still amazed at everything around me. It is really hard to refrain myself from pouring into my crew a lot of stories from my past experience. I do not want to spoil any surprise for them, and I wish they will meet the same challenges and the same prizes I had last year. The entire crew knows how great an opportunity this is and is ready to take advantage of every moment of it, the funny and the tough ones! We already had hard work, and we already had funny moments and plenty of laughter with the program director and the assistant program director! Before we even lock the door of our habitat, I can tell I am home again!

Look Ahead Plan: EVA and Rover training tomorrow morning will be followed by beginning of simulation, and two very short EVAs to give all the crew a chance to try the experience and discomfort of EVAs in a hostile environment that requires the use of space suits and air packs. And for New Year’s Eve Dinner, a few visitors from Earth are expected!!

Anomalies in work: Slight delay in training due to many trips necessary to refill water tanks. EVA and Rover training moved to tomorrow morning

Weather: COLD and sunny. Melting snow on the ground

Crew Physical Status: In perfect health and ready to begin their mission on Mars


Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, HSO Initial Report, Greenhab Report, EVA request, Journalist Report

Support Requested: None

Cesare Guariniello, PhD

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