Journalist Report – February 23rd

Crew 205 Crew Journalist Report 23-FEB-2019 Sol 12

Author: Maria Grulich

Title: “North Ridge for the Last Time and Bienvenue Crew 206”

The time flies and after watching our outreach videos yesterday altogether we realized what we achieved. Two weeks ago, we started our journey and today we are already welcoming crew 206.

One particular place was bugging us, and it was a heartfelt wish from half of the crew to go to the place we tried to reach 3 times unsuccessfully: The North Ridge. So, there we went to check this off our bucket list.

After the final clean-up, most of us went up the North Ridge and went for a walk following the track of mountain lions that we saw in the snow. It led us all the way to the top and further north to the top of the North Ridge which welcomed us with an amazing view!

On the top of North Ridge we found the floor covered in fossil shells like the ones we found the other day near Grey Moon, which was amazing for the crew members who could not join that EVA!

Everyone picked up some souvenirs for home! We followed the mountains to redo the pictures we took with the “Fellowship of Mars” and the way down we half walked or slid down the hill without many problems. Once we came back from our hike, Crew 206 had just arrived and we welcomed them with hot soup and coffee!

The afternoon will be used to train the new crew and take a couple of pictures.

It was a great time thanks to MDRS, Atila, David and Mission Control and anyone who followed us through our rotation! You guys are awesome! Stay tuned for our outreach videos soon to come, which we promise will be the greatest science videos you will see this year! We will return to our five different countries around the world!

Ad Astra!

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