Journalist Report – March 17th

Author: Diane Rothberg

We spent this beautiful, sunny day out of sim, as we’re waiting for so much to arrive…3D printers, drones, a bike, and two additional crew members.

Still getting the hang of water conservation, which is tricky when you have to wash a sticky oatmeal pot, as well as last night’s pots holding clingy, aging leftover soup and rice.

Today’s lunch of spaghetti bolognaise prepared by Tiffany and Kevin was a huge hit, especially after we supplemented it with fresh basil from the Greenhab.

Our commander, Julielynn, did some much-needed cleaning and organizing around the hab and the science dome, and came up with creative ideas as to what items we should 3D print to make life easier here on Mars.

Kevin, our health and safety officer checked all CO2 detectors and fire alarms.

We received a safety briefing from David, and we all got rover check out and a chance to drive them before we have to do it in a bulky space suit.

Late in the afternoon, we were checked out on the space suits, and now, our Mars simulation truly begins!

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