EVA Report – March 22nd

Crew 207 EVA Report 22 Mar 2019
EVA #5

Author : Julielynn Wong

Purpose of EVA: Allow novice drone pilots to compare a standard versus novel controller to fly a Mavic Pro drone in a square test flight pattern.

Start time: 14:40
End time: 16:40

Narrative: The weather was clear and sunny. All 3 EVA Team members flew the traditional controller first for a test flight in a square configuration (60 ft for each side) at an altitude of 20 feet. Then each EVA team member flew a novel controller for the same square flight test pattern. A post-flight survey was completed by all EVA team members.

Destination: MDRS sign

Coordinates: 4250850 / 518100

EVA Participants: Dean (XO), Tom Baldwin (ENG), Kevin Ho (HSO)

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: Road 1103

Mode of travel: Walking

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