Journalist Report – Mar 24th

Journalist Report March 24

Journalist: Diane Rothberg

We are operating as a reduced crew today, as we sadly said goodbye to our two capable, young scientists, Tiffany and Kevin.

We are out of sim, but there is still the Hab to be run, and Tom did his operations duties, I took care of the plants in the Greenhab, and Julielynn compiled scientific data and took care of other administrative loose ends.

Tom and I got to take advantage of this glorious, sunny day by going for a hike. It was a real treat, being back in the “earth’s atmosphere”, and outdoors without the burden of a heavy space suit. The terrain here is awe-inspiring, oddly shaped hills and rock formations in every brown-red hue imaginable, and fossils from thousands of years ago everywhere!

We head out of here tomorrow, but what a privilege it has been to participate in this rare, and wonderful “Mars” experience. Thank you MDRS, and thank you, Medical Makers!

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