Journalist Report – May 8th

[title Journalist Report – May 8th]

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Today we undertook an EVA despite the weather, however we had to stop after 1 hour. The EVA was to run three experiments simultaneously, soil collection for bacterial experiments in the science dome, first assembly of the drones and thermal experiments of the rover shielding. However, due to weather uncertainty and overconfidence with the suits none of the experiments could be completed on times.

Upon returning to the Hab, the problem solving experiment was conducted by all members of the crew. We then ate a broccoli and cheese soup with scones.

After lunch we worked on our individual experiments. The first set up of the flight profile for a microdrone using the radio was created for the drone projects and astronomy observations from the evening of the 6th were processed for galaxy NGC4236.

In addition interviews started for the blogs for the Engineer online blogs. These are part of a series of outreach tasks being undertaken.

Finally, success in the GreenHab resulted in a yield of carrots that have been harvested and will be used later this week for a meal.

Tonight is out cultural evening for the European members of our crew. They will be preparing food, music and games from their corresponding countries.

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