EVA Report – May 9th

EVA #04

Author: Camilo Andrés Zorro Mendoza

Purpose of EVA: Second testing of drones and first drones flight and thermal rover tests.

Start time: 08:00 AM

End time: 09:45 AM


Today we were running two experiments, following the debriefing proposed yesterday we implemented the recommendations of the buddy system. After pressurization process, a walk was done around the Hab in order to select some points of interest for observe it in a safe distance. After, it was making the pressurization process of the RAM and the drones were taking.

Two experiments were running at the same time, in the first experiment a thermal blanket was tested in order to find the most appropriate number of layers to decrease the heat transfer radiation effects without increasing the effects from conduction, for that was made 5 different configurations. The second one two crewmembers tested the takeoff and landing of a fixed wind vtol drone and multicopter drone. A number of lessons were learnt and are summarized below from the after EVA debrief.

– All radios should be at the channel 12 for the EVA operations, communication with the Hab is critical.

– It was clarified that the radios in the Hab should be in the channel 9. Channel 12 it is only when it is a EVA operation in process.

Destination: Hab surroundings

Coordinates (UTM NAD27 CONUS): Sector12S Northern 4250933, Eastern 518167

EVA Participants: Zoe, Vittorio (Medic), Paolo and Camilo (Commander)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: None

Mode of travel: walking

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