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Today was Sol 6. We started the day with pancakes and since we are all feeling weak from the reduced nutrients we tried an attempt at banana smoothies.

In the solar telescope a photograph was taken of the sun however it was out of focus and another attempt will be made after suggestions from Peter. In addition, 65 Pelican nebula pictures have been processed awaiting the final 20 photos tonight.

Each crew member worked on their own projects today, the drones were given minor repairs from yesterday’s EVAs and batteries charged from today’s. The Martian stimulant soil has been prepared and sterilized, tomato and two different kinds of lettuce have been sowed with the soil and bacteria.

A group helped to reinstall the software for the Rover, progress is being made with the potential of success in the next few days.

Today one EVA took place, in an attempt to break the ice in the pressurization time the crew told “Dad jokes” to the EVA team. Jokes included: Why did the skeleton not go to the party? Because he has nobody to go with. These classics were not appreciated by the rest of the team! The EVA was to test the first autonomous mission, this was taken near Kissing camel and was a success.

Once returned we completed another round of the problem-solving game.

Kind Regards,
Zoe Townsend

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