Commander Report- May 12th

Crew 212 Commander Report 12-MAY-2019

Autor: Marlen Castillo Vilcahuaman

Title: Wow! 7 days have passed!

Commander here. Hi.

Although there has been a daily Journalist Report, I thought it would have been interesting to have a note after 7 days of martian experience. It is interesting to look back and appreciate how much we are getting used to our lives as a Crew in this Martian environment. As someone told me before coming, not many people can say they had martian experiences. This is definitely happening now.

Yesterday, I could appreciate how much we got to know each other. The crew has come together and got to know each other well. Conflict could arise, but we could handle it fairly well, in my personal opinion.

Long conversations have appeared in our daily lives on Mars. Topics are as broad as music and the possibilities of life outside Earth. As someone who comes from a place with little to no research in space nor a properly space culture, it always amazes me how here I can find people whom I can finally talk about this crazy hypothesis that’s been running in my mind for so long.

I know that other crew members have felt the same here.

Although certain experiments have shown some difficulty, I’m pleased that the crew decided to keep going with their projects, not giving up and trying to adapt themselves to the circumstances, which is a very valuable attitude in research, in my opinion.

The next commander report will probably be at the end of the mission. I hope the good spirits continue and thanks to all the people
participating in this: From the crew members to mission support to the director.

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