Sol Summary – May 13th

Crew 212 Sol 8 Summary Report 13-MAY-2019

Sol: 8

Summary Title: Sun is really strong right now

Author’s name: Marlen Castillo Vilcahuaman

Mission Status: A-ok, one rover is down

Sol Activity Summary: For today, we had an EVA in the afternoon. Opportunity has overheated and had to be left on the road. Right now, one crew member and the director are going to retrieve it.

Look Ahead Plan: Right now, our priority is to a) discuss the issues in this EVA and b) retrieve the rover. We’ll probably be doing this.

Anomalies in work: Opportunity overheated and the crew members in EVA had to return without it. We’re also having trouble with the pump, because it has been leaking more water than usual.

Weather: Sun is strong.

Crew Physical Status: Although Opportunity overheated, crew members had water with them so they arrived from the EVA safe and hydrated.

EVA: 1

Reports to be file: Operations Report, GreenHab Report, Journalist Report, Daily Photo Report, EVA report, Astronomy report (please, wait while we’re trying to solve the trouble with Opportunity)

Support Requested: None.

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