EVA Report – May 14th

Crew 212 EVA Report 14-MAY-2019

EVA #010

Author: Zoe Townsend

Purpose of EVA: Collection of sand samples for contaminants.

Start time: 16:30

End time: 18:45 (late and extended to rescue Opportunity)


Today’s EVA was to collect sand for containments. The results of which will be postposed back on Earth. Prior to the EVA, the team were contacted by Shannon to explain that part of the road was unpassable, the decision was taken to walk from Zubin’s head. Due to the heat the EVA was reduced from 2 hours to one and a half starting half an hour later.

During the EVA, the crew required a lot of equipment to prevent contamination of the samples. Therefore, the decision was taken to first scout the area and then once the location was decided to conduct the sample extraction. An unfortunate run in with non sim personal delayed the start of the extracted where there was persistence to take photos of the crew.

Throughout sand extraction communication came through from the Hab and whist the crew tried to communicate apparently the Hab could not hear the responses. The crew returned to the rover and headed back to base. Unfortunately, due to a combination of the delayed start, non sim personal and walking instead of driving the sim overran and without stable communication the Hab decided that emergency measures where required. Shannon headed toward the sight and caught up with the team returning to the Hab. After establishing the issues with the radios it was decided the crew was healthy and the situation was stable. It was then decided that the crew would collect Opportunity from it position after the Engineering EVA.

The debrief was extensive and these are the results:

  • · That upon arriving at any sight, confirmation must be made that the crew are in radio contact.
  • · Timings must be adhered too
  • · That all personal must be present prior to EVA to help with ensuring the embarking crew have all equipment required
  • · A check list of equipment will be adhered to or else the EVA will be stopped
  • · A briefing before all EVAs is compulsory.

Coordinates (UTM NAD27 CONUS): Sector12S Northern 4248210, Eastern 518718 and also Sector12S Northern 4246840, Eastern 518268

EVA Participants: Hector (Medic), and Zoe (Commander)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: 1101

Mode of travel: (walking or driving)? Rover Curiosity.

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