EVA Report – May 17th

Crew 212 EVA Report 17-May-2019

EVA #13

Author: Hector Palomeque

Purpose of EVA: Search&Rescue drone mission scenario attempt 2

Start time: 07:30 (postponed to 08:30 due to weather)

End time: 09:30 (delayed to 09:45 due to miscommunications)

Narrative: This EVA was performed in order to test the Tarot drone in Search and Recovery missions and the very first test in a Martian-like environment of the Observation Rover. The EVA was postponed due to the strong winds but after the EVA crew had the permission of the Director (Dr. Shannon Rupert) to proceed the EVA started with a delay of 1 hour (08:30).

Two of the EVA crew members prepared the Tarot drone for take-off, however, this mission had to be suspended again due to a mechanical/electronic error that does not allow its correct drone take-off and makes it fall.

The other two EVA crew members made the test of the Observation Rover on land. It was a successful test. All the mechanics of the Rover seems to work properly. It is able to move even over tiny rocks and to climb hills.

Unfortunately, the crew had a misunderstanding with the end time. Also, because of the miscommunications with the Hab, the crew was not able to communicate that they were going back 15 minutes late.

Nevertheless, the situation was treated at the debriefing after EVA in order to gain knowledge and experience for everyone, agreeing at the end with the determination of the EVA crewmember responsible for communications and the correct protocol for doing it.

Destination: Hab – Marble Ritual

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): Sector12S Northern 4250933, Eastern 518167

Participants: Zoe, Vittorio, Paolo, and Hector

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: 1103

Mode of travel: Driving – Curiosity and Spirit

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