Crew 216 Commander Report 05Dec2019

[title Commander Report– December 05th]

Crew 216 Commander Report 05-DEC-2019
Sol: 11
Summary Title: One Sol to go
Author: Marc Levesque
The station was alternatively quiet and busy indoors today. Projects were being wrapped up, while others used the time to rest or work on personal tasks. There is mixture of sadness and anticipation among the crew as we are aware of how close we are to the end. Our mix of six previous strangers have become much more familiar with each other, and some conversations have been overheard about meeeting up again in the future. It is impressive how well we have bonded as a team and how much has been accomplished by individuals on their projects. All will have been completed by mission’s end. I continue to feel blessed by this crew. My role as commander has been much lighter and easier than anticipated, and for this I am extremely grateful.

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