Crew 216 Journalist report 05Dec19

[title Journalist Report– December 05th]

Crew 216 Journalist Report 05-DEC-19
Sol 11
Author: Evgenia Alexandrova

How to get a morning panic attack? I have a good recipe for that. Wake up early in the morning at MDRS and realize that you have only two more days left in sim and too much stuff to finalize before it’s over. Time is too long when we’re waiting and there never enough time when we are late. But let’s not talk about time, we’ve already covered this subject in our previous editions. Let’s talk about space. In all of its meanings.

How do we appropriate spaces? What do we call home? Or better: when do we start feeling like at home in a place?

It is hard for us in the crew to imagine there were crews before us and there will be some after. The MDRS belongs to us now. But according to the King Solomon “Everything goes by. And this too shall pass”.

Early today in bentonite bay, a dark fog was all around.

It shimmered and quivered and easily clouded the mound

Us all inside we had to hide from feelings of leaving forlorn

Going home soon the sadness does loom, that our red home we will morn


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