Journalist Report – December 10th

Crew 217 Journalist Report

Teresa Hislop

Sol Two

First day of full simulation. SUCCESS! No deaths, infinite
enthusiasm. One could say our experiences were out of this world.

We spent the morning sharing ideas, lesson plans, and educational philosophies. Everyone’s approach to Mars education differed but none were alien. Kevin’s students create to scale Mars habitats, Jen uses Mars to hook ELA readers, and Hope takes students on a Mission to Mars for an entire semester. Ann’s Space Colonization curriculum is on her website and Cynthia shared NASA and Teacher-Pay-Teacher resources. Unquestionably, one of the most valuable NSBU outcomes will be the networking and sharing of resources and ideas that occurred this morning.

The afternoon took us outside for our first EVA (extra vehicular activity). In two sets of four, we suited up, drove the Rovers, and explored the Martian landscape. Except for a minor delay when the first crew had to return from airlock to correct a communications glitch, the EVAs were without incident.

The Internet continues to be the most non-stellar aspect of the experience. Yesterday it took 15 attempts to send the journalist report. None of the other officers were able to submit reports. Today connectivity continues to be spotty and bandwidth thin.

Kevin and Jen created an amazing mission patch. Jen, as Health and Safety Officer, has checked every fire alarm and carbon monoxide monitor in the complex. Ann completed tomorrow’s EVA requests. Kevin created and completed a science report. Yesterday Cynthia watered plants and planted lettuce. Teresa thinned the radishes and Ann used the radish greens in the evening’s stir fry. Tomorrow’s EVA adventures will take us gypsum hunting, pot hole sampling, and green stone collecting.

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