Science Report – December 12th


Research Report 12 December 2019

Crew 217 – NSBU 217

Submitted by Science Officers Ann Rockett & Kevin Berean

1. Sharing of Mars and Space-related Classroom Activities:

Crew members continued to discuss ways in which teacher experiences at
MDRS during SIM can inform new lessons, activities and projects for
students. Several ideas were recorded and shared among the crew and
plans have been made to connect students across states as they engage
in space-related curriculum. Two hands-on activities were conducted
among the crew (rocket science and Mars bio systems) and discussions
took place to further develop said activities.

2. Conducting a Biodiversity Survey of Ephemeral Potholes in a
Mars Analog:

Nothing to report.

3. Investigating if Life Exists in a Green Layer of the Morrison
Strata that is Exposed Throughout the MDRS Exploration Area:

Crew Scientist, Kevin observed the green band samples plated yesterday
and incubated overnight. He reported no change.

4. Search for Halophiles in Surface Gypsum:

Nothing to report.

5. Exploration of Ways to Communicate with Classrooms at MDRS.

The crew continues to discuss the feasibility of utilizing Flipgrid
for future NSBU teachers. Crew HSO, Jen has logged 2.6 hours of
engagement during her Flipgrid pilot this week with her students in
Salt Lake City. The pilot was successful; however, it was noted that
preassigned topics for students would be beneficial as would more
reliable internet access at MDRS.
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