Sol Summary – December 12th


Crew 217 Sol Summary Report 12Dec2019

Sol: 3

Summary Title: Grand Finale

Author’s name: Atila Meszaros

Mission Status: Sol 3 and end of the mission. Excitement for the future of this new and excellent program and organizing and cleaning the hab for the crew departure.

Sol Activity Summary: As the mission was beginning to end, there was only one more thing we needed to do: launch some rocket! During an hour and a half, we built, designed and put together our missiles, some of us more gracefully than others. After a harsh hour fighting with our crafts abilities (yes, S, I mean you), we had to wait for the magic glue to dry. In the meantime, part of the crew proceeded to perform our morning EVA to Hab Ridge to collect devil's toenail, seashells from the Jurassic. We organize and plant several new seeds in the GreenHab, we created miniature environments in our terrarium, made of Mars simulant soil, and planted the cutest succulents in the world (my little baby is called Piko). The rocket launching during our last EVA was something I'll never forget, Jenn and Shannon had a successful launch and recovery, while Teresa and I will keep trying. An amazing day on an amazing mission with an amazing crew.

Look Ahead Plan: Crew 217 is taking off and going back to Mars! Well, part of it, the two regular Martians will stay holding the base. The crew will be departing on different hours and by noon the Hab will have a week-off.

Anomalies in work: Nothing to report.

Weather: Warm during most of the day, partly clear skies, almost none winds.

Crew Physical Status: Tired, healthy, and accomplished.

EVA: The last two EVAs of the mission. During the first one, part of the crew explored the Hab Ridge area, next to Sagan St to collect Graphia, macroinvertebrate fossils for education purposes. The second EVA was focused on the first rocket launch during the sim.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, EVA Reports 3 & 4, HSO Report, GreenHab Report, Science Report, Commander Report Operations Report, Journalist Report, and Photos

Support Requested: None
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