Science Report – February 7th

Crew 221 Science Report 07-FEB-20
Crew Science Officer: Hemani Kalucha

1. Microbiology Research
Today, we continued our microbiology experiment. We observed further growth in bacteria in the dirty space suit sample. The bacteria was primitively identified as Bacillus subtilis. We also successfully made some Agar today. We added sugar, water, gelatin, and beef boullion to make the Agar. We then added the Agar to 12 petri dishes. All samples were weighed and put into the catalogue. Lastly, we did some preliminary pH soil testing on the samples.

2. ISRU project
The martian soil was cracked and inhospitable to plants, so we adjusted the ISRU experiment to be half martian soil and half earth soil, with all the same other parameters. Hopefully, the results will be kinder.

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