Science Report – February 17th


Crew 222 Science Report 17Feb2020
Author : Nina SEDBON
Title : Several experiments begin

In the Morning :

• LOAC and Weather Station: Put in place during the EVA. They were working just fine.
• For the LOAC the conditions were easy to obtain : stable floor, parallel to the floor for the wind captor.
• For the weather station : Girouette North orientated, three feet at a 90° angle from the ground for the whole to be very straight and vertical.

In the Afternoon:

• Aerospring : the conditions are very different in the GreenHab and in the Science Dome. We need more information to start building it because it will be very difficult to change its location once it is built. We only planted : Swiss chard, Radish, Spinach and Peas to transfer it in the vertical garden after it starts growing.
• MegaAres: Few tries in the Lower Deck to prepare the EVA for tomorrow.
• In the GreenHab : Start of the Spiruline experiment in the two aquariums.
• Backpack : Few operations in the RAM to connect the LCVG to the backpack.
• In the RAM : Fixing of the hygrometric captor for the Weather Station.
• Human Factors experiment called Foreign Languages at 16h45. It is organized with sessions of two people for 15 minutes each time. The first session is in Spanish. The two others are in English. It is a cooperation game with LEGO.
• Water Experiment: Few checks for the electrical setup. We hope to start the experiment tomorrow night. We will describe the set up once it is put in place.

Problems faced today concerning the environment of the experiments: The lack of screen for the water experiment was unexpected. A computer has to be
used to replace it.
The lack of « oscillator » for the MegaAres. It is thus complicated to test it before the EVA.

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