Crew 222 GreenHab Report February 27th

Crew 222 GreenHab Report – 27/02/2020

GreenHab Officer : Bleuenn ROIRON

Environmental control : Both heating and ambiant, door open during
the afternoon

Average temperatures: 20,5°C

Hours of supplemental light: 19h30 PM to 00h

Daily water usage for crops: 12 gallons

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: 0 Liters

Water in blue Tank: 35,5 gallons

Time(s) of watering crops: 2

Changes to crops: We planted cilantro and some sun carrots.

Narrative:This morning, I was in EVA so Nina took care of the GreenHab
and watered plants.
During the afternoon, I went to the GreenHab with our crew Commander
Benjamin clean the Greenhab. We harvested the last sun carrots and
planted some new ones, and cilantro.
Tonight i watered again plants, I also harvested some Lettuce, cilantro
and basil for our tonight vegetarian burgers! I also harvested mint for
a tea.

Sun Carrots:50g
Lettuce Buttercrunch:50g
Lemon balm:2g
Pinaple mint:2g

Support/supplies needed: As the amount of water in the Water Tank is
unprecise, i don’t know if i’ll be able to water plants tomorrow with
the water in it, am i authorized to use the tap relied to the static tank?

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