Journalist Report – Feb 28th

Crew 222 Journalist Report 28Feb2020

Author: Marie Bochard, Crew Journalist

Sol 12

Title: First breath of fresh air

To enjoy fully our last simulation day, we started the day off with a long EVA. Nina, Eishi, Valentin and I each took an ATV and headed North to the Moons and Copernicus Highway (a dust path, as the name doesn’t suggest). The landscape was incredible. Every step we took, the ground was a different color. It really felt like we were exploring an alien planet. We found plenty of fossils of oysters, proof that there was plenty of water here a long time ago. There were glass-like shards on the floor, possibly made by lightning hitting the sand… that’s our guess. We surely walked where no one has every walked before, and it

created a very unique mix between feeling special and feeling small. After a couple hours of exploring, we headed back on the ATVs and everyone enjoyed the ride to the Hab.

The rest of the day was mostly spent cleaning. We collected our belongings and started packing.

Then it was over. We opened the Hab door at 5:30pm, finally breathing fresh air after two weeks here. How lucky are we Earthlings to be able to breathe outside and to walk freely without having to wear a pressurized suit!

This mission has gone by tremendously fast. It feels like we just got here, and yet it’s been ages since we thought of the world outside. Everyone enjoyed the stay here, and we feel closer than ever. Missions like this one can create ever-lasting bonds, sometimes more than years can achieve. It will be forged in everyone’s memory for the rest of our lives, I can guarantee that.

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