Science Report – September 30th

Crew 228 Science Report 30Sep2021

Mission Commander Lindsay Rutter

Inga is continuing data collection for the last part of her dissertation on group interaction in space analog environments. She is conducting participant observation and aims to contribute to the sociological studies of groups in space and space-like environments. Her pilot study is also being diligently done by the crew every night.

Lindsay performed a practice collection of sample regolith surrounding the EVA destination today, Marble Ritual. She used sterilized gloves, spatula, and bags to do so and made notes of several operational areas of improvement. Namely, placing the collection items in the pocket closest to her shoes as the pocket on her torso is somewhat restricted by the straps of the EVA suit. She looks forward to collecting regolith surrounding Jotunheim, an inverted river channel to perform her metagenomics study.

Jin tested GPS navigation in the field using the GPS Essentials app on his smartphone. He was able to successfully obtain GPS fixes, track targets, and record waypoints in the phone’s storage for later use. This proves the viability of using smartphone GPS for recording geographical data in the field while shadowing scientific EVAs.

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