Crew 228 EVA#1 Report – September 30th

Crew 228 EVA Report 30-09-2021
EVA # 1

Author: Lindsay Rutter

Purpose of EVA: We performed an initial checkout of EVA suits while walking around the campus, tested walking up the hill in front of HAB, then tested driving the Opportunity rover during this easy and nearby EVA, all while testing radio communications and HABCOM procedures. We also tested the collection of regolith for the DNA sequencing study.

Start time: 0930

End time: 1130

Narrative: EVA was successful. We timed a full walk-around of the campus as five minutes. We tested walking up the hill in front of the HAB. We decided to drive only one Rover (Opportunity) because Inga was unable to see the driving apparatus due to the lower edge of her space helmet becoming an obstacle. So, both EVA crew drove in Opportunity, with Lindsay serving as the driver. Radio communications were successful and we reached our destination of Marble Ritual, where we collected samples. After adjustments, Inga was able to view the driving apparatus, and she drove Opportunity back to the HAB.

Destination: Marble Ritual (~600M drive + ~100M walk) after a walk-about around the tunnel connected structures for some outside EVA suit testing before driving.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 38.407 N 110.783 W

Participants: L. Rutter & I. Popovaite

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Rd 0110

Mode of travel: Rovers

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