Sol Summary Report – September 30th

Crew 228 Sol Summary Report 30Sep2021

Sol: 3

Summary Title: Boots on Mars

Author’s name: Inga Popovaite

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Third day on Mars was the most exciting so far. We had scrambled eggs with dry-freeze vegetables with some fresh bounty from the GreenHab (Swiss chard, tomatoes, micro greens, and lettuce) for breakfast. Afterwards, Lindsay and me suited up for the very first EVA of Crew 228. We went to the Marble Ritual about half a kilometer away. It might seem a short distance, but have you tried walking up and down a sandy hill and driving a rover wearing a 30 lbs spacesuit and a helmet? Not as easy as it sounds.

We left the Hab at 9.30 and came back at 11. Lindsay picked up some test samples, and I took pictures and videos of her doing that. Different data for different science, I guess 🙂

We had leftovers for lunch (rice and beans from last night’s dinner prepared by Dave). After lunch it was time for the second EVA of the day. This time, Jin and Dave stepped onto the Red Planet at 14.30 sharp (and came back at 16). The second EVA team also went to the Marble Ritual and test-drove two rovers (Spirit and Curiosity). This EVA climaxed with Jin reading on the radio “No sea was ever sailed” by Cordair from the top of the hill in front of the Hab. The silhouettes of the Mars Walkers and the backdrop of the rust-colored desert made it for quite a sight.

Diner was another feast prepared by Jin and Lindsay – a pasta dish with vegetarian tomato sauce enhanced by herbs from the GreenHab.

Another successful day on Mars.

Look Ahead Plan: Lindsay and Jin will go on an EVA tomorrow, Inga and Dave will work on their own projects back at the Hab and prepare for the EVA for the day after tomorrow.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny morning followed by lightly overcast afternoon and yet another cotton candy sunset.

Crew Physical Status:

EVA: EVA #1 and EVA#2; both to the Marble Ritual (see EVA reports filed separately).

Reports to be filed: Journalist Report, EVA reports, EVA request, Science Report, crew photos

Support Requested: None

Inga Popovaitė

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