EVA Report Dec 23rd

Crew 236 EVA Report 23DEC2021

EVA #4

Author: Cesare Guariniello

Start time: 9.31 AM

End time: 12.02 PM

Narrative: The team began EVA preparation around 9 and entered the airlock at 9.31, just at the beginning of the EVA window. Crew Journalist replaced his earpiece that caused issues on EVA #3. After depressurization, the crew boarded the vehicles and headed south along Cow Dung road. After a drive of about 5 km, the crew walked towards Barainca Butte. Along the way, XO had a couple of stops to collect rock samples. One rock is brown and black and heavily vesiculated (possibly scoria). Other rocks came down from upper layers of hard mudstone and conglomerates. Meanwhile, SCI took rock temperature measurements for a project on thermal inertia of minerals at MDRS. ENG and JOU assisted and documented the work. The EVA crew reached the south side of Barainca Butte and continued its research proceeding counterclockwise around the butte. After having walked about one quarter of the perimeter of the butte, JOU noted some increasing fogging of the helmet and asked to position the fan switch at maximum speed. The fogging decreased, but JOU reported the fans slowing down. The crew decided to reduce the EVA time and began walking towards the vehicles. Unfortunately, within just a few minutes, JOU experienced a total loss of the fans which, on Mars, would require an urgent contingency rescue or would result in loss of the crewmember. Since the fogging disappeared quickly and JOU reported receiving enough air from underneath the collar, he elected to keep his helmet on for the drive back to the Hab. During the drive back, the crew met some astronauts onboard terrestrial-looking vehicles. The crew stopped the vehicles on the side of Cow Dung road, south of Kissing Camel range, to let the unknown astronauts pass by, with a brief and very amicable exchange of nods and smiles. The crew returned to the Hab about one hour earlier than the expected time, without further incidents.

Destination: Around Barainca Butte

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): N4247200, W519000

Participants: Cesare (XO), Tyler (SCI), Ben (JOU), Pavi (ENG)

Road(s) and routes as per MDRS Map: from the Hab south on Cow Dung Road, west towards Barainca Butte (region J)

Mode of travel: Driving and walking

Vehicles used: Curiosity and Opportunity

Cesare Guariniello


Crew 236

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