Research Report – April 2nd

Astronomy Report
Name: Ignacio Sánchez Casla
Crew: 227

Sky Conditions: Sunny in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon
Wind Conditions: No wind

Observation Start Time: None
Observation End Time: None

Summary: Went on EVA in the morning and it was cloudy the whole afternoon.

Objects Viewed: None

Problems Encountered: None


Robotic Telescope Requested: MDRS-14

Objects to be imaged this evening:
– Messier 51
– Messier 64
– Messier 57
– Messier 101
– NGC 7023

Same objects as yesterday since every image but one failed.

Images submitted with this report:
– the only image that did not fail
– one of the images that failed, hopefully, you can notice something I am doing wrong…

Errors Encountered:

I still get the WCS Registration failed error even though the sky was supposed to be clear yesterday night.

The only image that didn’t fail was the last one that was taken. It is attached to this report.

Here are the parameters that I use. Am I doing something wrong?

Filter Length:
LoThru 60 s
GenR 30 s
GenG 60 s
GenB 120 s

I noticed yesterday night that the first images were taken at about 11 pm. Maybe it’s a bit early? Should I manually delay the observations until the objects are at maximum height in the sky?

Any suggestion is welcome.

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