Commander Report – April 3rd

Crew 227 Commander Report 3st April 2022
SOL: 7
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Hello Capcom,

Thank you for reading us!

Today, everyone wakes up early and with great motivation since it was the big day and this for several reasons. Indeed, this morning a part of crew went on EVA to discover an unexplored canyon, we ate pancakes at breakfast, and we had the visit of a journalist called Emily.

Regarding the EVA, the team was constituted of Julie, Jean, Cheyenne, Sirga and I. At 9h00, we were ready to start our exploration. The rule was simple: never stopped and walked fast to go as far as we can. And the thing is that it worked quite well! We went super far and achieved a wonderful canyon!

I used the drone to make some videos of it. Then, I used another software to start doing the 3D model of the canyon. However, the data acquired for the 3D model overwrite the videos and cancelled them. I discovered that only when we came back at the hab and that I wanted to show the videos to everyone… and the worst in the story is that, while doing the 3d modelling of the canyon, I lost the GPS connection so there are no GPS coordinates in the metadata of my pictures which makes the 3D modelling impossible to proceed. We can definitely call that a big fail. It is not a big issue since, now, I am aware of that and I will not make that error again. But it is really disappointing since we will not go to that canyon anymore and will not be able to perform its 3d modelling. Tomorrow, I would like to perform the 3D modelling of the MDRS.
Hopefully, we have our own memory and we will always remember this amazing canyon! Also, we can count on the pictures that Julie took.

During that time, Julien, Audrey and Ignacio met Emily. She is coming from Boston but now is living in Moab. They present the whole station to her and explained her their respective experiment.

At 12h30, we ate all together. We ate the rest of yesterday’s dinner. During this lunch, we spoke a lot with Emily about the reason we are here doing this atypical experiment. She also spoke about her own life. It was very nice.

Unfortunately, between 14h00 and 16h00, Audrey was quite sick. Hopefully, with our great HSO Julie, Audrey was back on foot quite fast.

At that time, the EVA crew, explained their personal experiment to Emily. She was happy of her visit and left the station around 15h30.

Then, Julien, Audrey, Sirga and Jean did a match for the experiment of Julie. For her first match, Audrey did a great job and won against Sirga!

At the same time, Ignacio, Cheyenne and I worked on our side.
Now, as every day, we are all together in the kitchen while doing our reports for the capcom windows.

Yesterday night, we ate some potatoes with non-mixed crickets. It was difficult to eat for the whole team. The taste was ok but the visual and texture was quite bad (for us). It was a bad point for the moral of the crew. After the dinner, Julie did a surprise match. It was Sirga against Ignacio. Ignacio won and bring one more point to the engineering team!

However, the moral of the team is still very good! Tonight, we are going to eat chicken with rice and curry and moreover without any insects!! After, we plan to play some cards game.

Regarding the station, everything is nominal.

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