Crew 227 Sol Summary April 5th

Crew 227 Sol Summary Report 05/04/22
Sol: 9

Summary Title: Power outage freezes afternoon activity.

Author’s name: Jean Jacobs (XO)

Mission Status: After a successful EVA, the crew went on to complete its afternoon activities. A power outage derailed the plans without consequences.

Sol activity summary:
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 EVA start
12:00 Second part of EVA leg fixing
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Coding for data analysis and plants measurement
18:00 Report redaction
19:00 Capcom
21:00 Dinner

Anomalies in work: 2h30 of power outage. Recovered at 19h15.

Weather: Sunny, windy day

Crew Physical Status: Crew is in shape

EVA: 1st part of EVA: measurement of dielectric of soil properties using the antenna mounted on Perseverance. Exploring of the zone D around Brahe Hwy. EVA finished by a broken leg fixing drill.

Reports to be filed:
– Crew commander
– Operation report
– Astronomer
– GreenHab officer
– Journalist
– Picture of the day
– Some pictures
– EVA request
– EVA summary

Support Requested: None at this time

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