EVA Report – April 13th

Crew 245 EVA Report 13-04-2022
SOL: 3
EVA #: 3
Author: Vittorio Netti

Purpose of EVA: Install the antenna ground component

Start time: 14:30
End time: 17:00

Narrative: The purpose of this EVA was to install the ground component of the satellite antenna for the D-Orbit experiment. The tasks included the positioning on the ground of a 5.5 feet metal pole and the deployment of three metal cables connected to three concrete counterweights to stabilize the Antenna in case of high winds. The manual work was particularly challenging due to the need to tighten 36 metal M2 bolts on the cables.

We also filled two plastic bags with Martian regolith to provide additional stabilization to the feet of the pole. At the end of the EVA, we dedicated some time to looking for a lost suit sensor from the previous EVA crew, unsuccessfully.

Destination: Outside of the RAM

Coordinates (UTM NAD27 CONUS): 4250929.883 N; 518164.975 E

Participants: Paolo Guardabasso (EVA Commander), Vittorio Netti (EVA HSO), Luca Rossettini

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: outside of the RAM

Mode of Travel: Walking

Commander out.

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