Crew 265 EVA Report May 2nd

Crew 265 EVA Report 02-05-2022

EVA # 7

Author: Laude

Purpose of EVA: To conduct remote communications project testing.

Start time: 12:00

End time: 16:20

Narrative: We left Percy at the junction of Lith Canyon and Cow Dung Roads as it was down in charge more than Spirit and Curri and then proceeded to the Green Mars View overlook for radio testing. Just several plants were along the wheel tracks. The ground below us where the Muddy River runs was thick with vegetation from the creek up to the base of the escarpments. We then traveled back passing Percy to end up on rover to near the end of Lith Canyon Rd. We hiked about for a couple hours with variations in elevation for more radio testing. All prescribed radio tests were completed and then we headed back to the hab picking up Percy on the way.

Destination: Green Mars View. Lith Canyon area.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): (4256658 N, 520662 E). (4256474 N, 518949 E) .

Participants: Laude (EVA Commander) Sergii Iakmov (Engineer) Benny Blanco (Comm Tech)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: To Green Mars View at Cow Dung Rd north end then back track to Lith Canyon Rd 1106 and park at west end to proceed on foot in canyon area at various elevations for comms checking.

Mode of travel: Rovers and Walking

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