Crew 265 EVA Report April 30th

Crew 265 EVA Report 30-04-2022

EVA # 6

Author: Laude

Purpose of EVA: To conduct more distant communications project testing, examine possibility of rover travel to the north of Moon Overlook, map areas of interest and to simulate a first Phobos manned mission from Mars and perhaps from anywhere. The crew will collect limited regolith samples and small rocks, plenty of photos and explore on foot in nearby areas that warrant closer examination. Also, we will look south from Moon Overlook to view the condition of Copernicus Highway for a possible future rover EVA.

Start time: 12:30

End time: 16:25

Narrative: We got off on time and traveled to Moon Overlook stopping along the way for radio checks. At the overlook we looked south to see the condition of Copernicus Highway leading south for another day EVA down that road. Conditions looked good for rover travel. We took photos at the overlook of the marvelous moon like terrain below us and to the north and then we descended down into it by rover. After a few hundred meters we stopped to collect a regolith sample with a scoop from Phobos, set some footprints and get photos. As we continued by rover the scenery quickly shifted to more Mars like as Phobos is tiny in size. Red canyon walls with stratigraphic layers enveloped us, opening up and closing in as we proceeded. At one open area we came across remnants of a fence that we passed through and soon the path became sandy and the rovers squirmed about from time to time. Shortly after coming across Muddy Creek the path narrowed and the sand loosened around our wheels. We might soon need 4WD to proceed if not for the decision to stop for a better look and turn around. The two rovers did need 4WD briefly to turn about. On the way out Laude decided to stop where there was a shallow slope up to a higher point (8M) to better view the area on foot. When looking down during ascent he noticed sea shells by the thousands (crew named it the Sea of Shells 4255097 N 516370 E)! Dense collections of them on the hill side. After calling the crew to see them he walked higher and noticed many other nearby hills covered with them! This area may warrant closer examination during a future EVA. After this unexpected find the crew returned back to MDRS.

Destination: Moon Overlook then north to the end of the drivable Copernicus highway.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 4254360 N, 516052 E (Moon Overlook) 4257885 N, 518294 E (End of passible road on rover near Muddy Creek. Dirt road turned sandy and narrow there.)

Participants: EVA Commander Laude, Jounalist Treadwell and Mapping /Radio Tech Licea

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: North on Cow Dung Road 0110 then Brahe Hwy1572/1575 then Copernicus Hwy 1574/0157.

Mode of travel: Spirit and Curiosity and on foot

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