Crew 271 EVA Report 23-12-2022

Crew 271 EVA Report 23-12-2022

EVA #6

Author: Marc Levesque

Purpose of EVA: Long-range communications check

Start time: 1100

End time: 1355

Narrative: The EVA team intended to drive to the parking area at the Burbee Quarry and then proceed on foot to a point on the southern rim of Lith Canyon. Because of a rapid battery drain, the rovers had to be left at the intersection of Cow Dung Road and Brahe Highway, from where the team proceeded on foot only partly into the canyon before returning to the rovers. Prior to reaching the intersection of Brahe Highway and during the foot travel, all communications checks with the Hab failed, including the use of a mag mount antenna on one of the rovers.

Destination: Burpee Quarry

Coordinates: Reached 0518687, 4256339 in Burpee Quarry.

Participants: Levesque, Iakymov, Kaosaar, Grete

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Perseverance and Spirit rovers and on foot

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