Crew 271 Operations Report 23-12-2022

SOL: 5

Name of person filing report: Sergii Iakymov

Non-nominal systems: None

Notes on non-nominal systems: N/A


Spirit rover used: Yes

Hours: 205.1

Beginning charge: 100%

Ending charge: 53%

Currently charging: Yes

Opportunity rover used: No

Hours: 109.6

Beginning charge: 100%

Ending charge: N/A

Currently charging: Yes

Curiosity rover used: No

Hours: 217.8

Beginning charge: 100%

Ending charge: N/A

Currently charging: Yes

Perseverance rover used: Yes

Hours: 252.5

Beginning charge: 100%

Ending charge: 42%

Currently charging: Yes

General notes on rovers: None

Summary of Hab operations:

WATER USE: 19.61 gallons

Water (static tank): 409.50 gallons

Static tank pipe heater (on or off): On

Static tank heater (On or off): On

Toilet tank emptied: No

Summary of internet: Nominal

Summary of suits and radios: 1) Second battery that was charging in suit# 10 did not charge and was declared faulty, marked and placed into the cabinet with EVA suits spare parts. 2) new battery in suit# 3 tested and works properly.

Summary of GreenHab operations:

WATER USE: 7 gal

Heater: On

Supplemental light: plugged

Harvest: 1 gram of basil and 35 grams of beans.

Summary of ScienceDome operations: used Grete project setup.

Dual split: On

Summary of RAM operations: N/A.

Summary of any observatory issues: N/A

Summary of health and safety issues: None

Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support: N/A

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