Journalist Report – April 14th

CREW279 – Journalist Report – 14APR2023

Journalist Report : Aglaé Sacré, crew journalist
SOL12: the last day

This morning the team woke up with a heavy heart. The night was short and this morning we had to say goodbye to one of the crew members.
Goodbyes are difficult but the ARES team is known for its good mood, and we started the day with the very last EVA of the mission.

The day was punctuated by the total tidying up of the station, time for us to look back on all the moments spent in each room of this place.
It was also time to write our last reports, they often gave us a little stress at the end of the day but today we are already nostalgic to fill them in.

We wanted to take the time to thank you, for having followed us during these two weeks; thank you to our sponsors for allowing us to live this incredible project.

BUT the adventure doesn’t stop here, we will enjoy a few days of travel before returning to Belgium and be ready because we will not stop there. We have some great conferences, moments of sharing planned but most of all… the recruitment of the next team!

See you soon!

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