Sol Summary – April 14th

Crew 279 Sol Summary Report 14-04-2023
Sol: 12
Summary Title: Last sunset on Mars
Author’s name: Ioana Dimitrova, Crew Engineer
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
After a difficult night, the team had to say goodbye to one of its crew members a little bit early. We can’t wait to reunite after the end of the mission!
Our astronauts had a hard time waking up after a short night, but were motivated as ever to complete the last EVA. Three of us took the rovers out to Charitum Montes. Augustin was able to map out the plateau and Ttele and Ioana used the scintillator. Suddenly, they lost sight of the drone and then realized it probably went back to land at its departure point. Augustin had to sprint back to retrieve Ingenuity and make it to base on time. It was pretty intense! They enjoyed the magnificent martian views one last time before coming back to base and eating with the rest of the crew.
The afternoon was dedicated to cleaning, packing and making sure the station is ready for the next crew. We will enjoy a last meal with good company and reminiscence over what a good time we had here. Mars is unforgettable. Time passed so fast during this mission, but at the same time we feel at home here like we’ve lived here forever.
Look Ahead Plan:
The crew will finish packing and cleaning the station. Tomorrow, they will end the simulation and take the CrewCar back to Grand Junction to continue their adventures elsewhere.
Anomalies in work: nun-functional robotic observatory, the battery wires of Opportunity need to be replaced.
Weather: sunny, low -2°C/28°F, high 16°C/61°F

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