EVA Report – May 17th

Crew 281 EVA Report 17-05-2023

EVA # 4

Authors: Ritupriya Patil (Executive Officer), Ana Pires (Crew Scientist)

Purpose of EVA:
Conduct Geotechnical Survey of the area and geomechanical assessment
Schmidt Hammer and Equotip measurements along scanlines
Geological and geotechnical assessment of the scanline using the created datasheet by the Crew Scientist
Acquire images and collect loose rock/soil
Take pictures at Marble Ritual, on the way back, if time and energy allow

Start time: 0735 hrs

End time: 0944 hrs

Crew of started pre-EVA prep at 7 am. KC Shashteen (Crew Engineer) did radio and suit checks. The crew donned the suits and were ready for 15 mins of pre-breathing at 0715 hrs. The crew left the hab at 0735 hrs to begin the EVA on Opportunity rover, which was driven to Pooh’s corner. The crew arrived at Pooh’s corner at 0748 hrs and found a location for rock and soil sample collection about 125 m north of where the rover was parked. They began hardness sampling with a scanline of 200 m, and set up fibreglass tape, Schimdt hammer and equotip equipment. The crew took water breaks to keep themselves hydrated throughout the EVA. After a 5 station long scanline they completed the measurements and returned to the vehicle at 0913 hrs. On their way back to the hab, the crew stopped at Marble Ritual for some pictures of the geological features.
Overall, the crew had a successful EVA with new learnings and they re-entered the hab at 0944 hrs after 5 mins of pressurisation time in the air lock.

Overview of EVA

Collect rock and soil samples for hardness analysis
Visual observation on the area at Marble Ritual

Issues Experienced During EVA

The crew had only one pen to record the scanline measurements. This became problematic when the ball point was badly damaged since it may have hit a rock and it temporarily stopped working. They were able to make it work but we should have a contingency plan.
The equipment came unscrewed and due to the gloves, the crew lost the sensation that the equipment fell off. They were able to locate the part and put it back together to continue with measurements.
Tourists showed up at the EVA location again but there was no interaction from them.


The crew had some confusion on first stop for the EVA, there should have been a pre-brief in the morning that did not happen.
The system works well but we need to understand how to integrate the geotechnical equipment with the spacesuit and gloves for better handling in future space activities.
Collected hardness sampling measurements for 5 station long scanlines.
Collected 18 rocks of 1120 grams and 1 soil sample of 95 grams at Pooh’s corner

Destination: a) Pooh’s Corner and walking no more than a radius of 500m; b) On the way back, stop in Marble Ritual and walk no more than 300m.
Coordinates a) (use UTM WSG 84): 0519025 E, 4251183 N
Coordinates b) (use UTM WSG 84): 0518687 E, 4250789 N
EVA Participants 2: KC (Crew Engineer), Ana Pires (Crew Scientist and EVA Leader)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive on Cow Dung Road and walk east until Pooh’s Corner. On the way back, a quick stop in Marble Ritual to take extra photos.
Mode of travel: Opportunity

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