Journalist Report – May 17th

Crew 281 – Journalist Report, 17 May 2023

Report by: Rachel Jones

Sol 3, Today was our first "longer" EVA mission. The whole team worked to prepare KC and Ana. They were going to Pooh’s Corner and Marble Ritual to perform scan lines while testing new geotechnical equipment. Once the EVA team returned everyone helped them doff their gear.

For lunch Megan made fresh bread. We ate bread dipped/spread/stuffed with a sauteed vegetable medley containing tomatoes harvested from the Green Hab combined with freeze dried vegetables and rice vinegar. It was astonishingly delicious. We’ve voted that the rice vinegar KC brought was a welcome edition to the MDRS kitchen.

The afternoon sent us all to our various projects. Megan checked on her chocolate seeds. Ana analyzed her collected data. Ritu started on our reports and planned for the next EVA. KC handled various Hab maintenance. We had strong winds in the afternoon and KC fortified the tunnel system. I (not having cooked) challenged myself to use less water doing dishes. MDRS recommends a sink of soapy water and a sink of rinse water. Then I did general Hab cleaning on the upper floor, before taking an inventory of MDRS’s amateur radio station. Truly, it’s science, maintenance, and cleaning everyday.

Pre-dinner we did a group yoga session. Dinner tonight is leftovers. I’m hoping to eat some of Sol 2’s quesadillas.

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