Journalist Report – October 23rd

Crew 284 has arrived at the MDRS as the 5th cohort of Spaceward Bound Utah: a science, sim, and education mission. We are a group of educators here to experience the Mars sim and explore avenues for bringing the science and sim experience back to our various learning environments: formal classrooms, science centers, education organizations, and more.

Our first day at the MDRS was not in sim, and instead focused on establishing protocols, crew rapport, and familiarization with the local region. Crew 284 completed the following activities:

– Completed facility training, including instruction on maintaining the HAB systems, science area, green HAB, and rover operations.
– Carried out a field exploration hike to learn more about the geology of the region around the MDRS.
– Utilized the Musk Observatory to observe current sun conditions.
– Visited the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur quarry to continue learning about the geologic conditions of the region.

Tomorrow we will enter Sim.

Jen Carver

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