EVA Report – November 18th

Crew 286 EVA #6 report 18-NOV-2023

EVA # 6

Author: Roger Gilbertson

Purpose of EVA: To perform LIDAR scanning in the vicinity of the Habitat, west of Cow Dung Road, looking at possible locations for a Martian music performance at a later time. Also, the visiting photographers will take images of the LIDAR walkers, as well as photos of some “personal mementos” placed on the martian surface in the vicinity of the Observatory dome.

Start time for EVA: 2:50 pm

End time for EVA: 3:06 pm

Narrative: Preparations for EVA included a significant amount of equipment to be carried by all participants, so the walk began 20 minutes late at 2:50 PM. However, as they opened the exterior airlock door and began their egress, drops of rain were noticed. The rate increased a few moments later, and they returned to the airlock for the safety of their camera and electronic equipment. We watched the terrain grow increasingly wet, and Mission Support stated that weather radar showed rain likely to continue for the duration of the EVA. After a few more minutes the crew agreed to abort. We repressurized and the inner door opened about 3:06 PM.

In retrospect, it was good that the airlock egress time was delayed, otherwise the crew would have been much further from the habitat when the rain started, making their return much more difficult and treacherous.
Destination: Habitat campus only

EVA Participants:
• Scott Beibin
• Hugo Saugier
• Andrea Orejarena
• Caleb Stein

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: none

Mode of travel: none

Vehicles used: none

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