EVA Report – November 20th

Crew 286 EVA #7 report 20-NOV-2023

EVA # 7

Author: Roger Gilbertson

Purpose of EVA: To perform a 6-person EVA, simulating an evacuation or a group migration to a new lander that has arrived nearby. For this simulation Donald Jacques will remain in the Habitat to serve as CapCom.

Start time for EVA: 7:45 am

End time for EVA: 9:45 am

Narrative: After several EVA proposals for larger groups, and dealing with weather and comms challenges, we settled on the logistics for performing a 6-person EVA.

Mission Support gave us a favorable ground condition report, and we "go” for EVA. We suited up in the habitat, walked through the tunnels to the RAM, carrying our helmets in their cases. Once there, we finished our preparations, closed the RAM door, performed a five-minute depressurization, and rolled up the door to a glorious martian morning.

The six of us carried a substantial amount of advanced music, photo, video and audio equipment, and made our way to the hills just north of the Observatory, where Maestro Groucho setup and performed another music set, this time in the open air, with all spectators in suits. The event was recorded in a variety of media: video, 360 video, LiDAR scans, and digital audio. As the end time of our EVA approached we returned to the RAM airlock and reentered.

Destination: North side of Observatory Dome

EVA Participants:
• Scott Beibin
• Liz Cole
• Hugo Saugier
• Guillaume Gégo
• Roger Gilbertson
• Caleb Stein

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: none
Mode of travel: walking

Vehicles you will be using: none

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