Sol Summary – January 31st

Sol: 10
Summary Title: Crunching the numbers
Author’s name: Andrew Wheeler
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: The mornings are on repeat; clear and cold (-4C) morning and perfect for the solar observatory. A very short duration, early morning EVA to in front of the science dome’s panorama windows saw the final re-deploy of the solar logger. Despite the longer nights, the battery has been keeping the sensors working longer than anticipated. The performance data is eagerly awaited. The remainder of the morning was spent cleaning, cataloging, photographing and identifying samples and then preparing some for both non-destructive and destructive analysis. Lunch was a repeat of the scones and soup mostly because we’re getting good at this. After lunch, some of the gypsum collected the day before from the White Moon locale that had been subjected to spectral analysis, was shown to be completely different to other gypsum spectra. The repeat analyses and comparisons will be interesting. Dinner, a layered meat, vegetable and potato bake based on Hunza pie awaits.
Look Ahead Plan: Final EVAs to locate points of geological interest for GPS recording and a continuation of data analysis from spectral and physical samples.
Anomalies in work: Back pack batteries – see operations report.
Weather: Clear morning at -4 Celsius rising to mid teens during the day. Altostratus clouds with cumulus clouds on the southern horizon building in the afternoon with no precipitation. Humidity continuously dropping from near 70% at sunrise to 30% in the afternoon. The wind was faint to gentle during the day.
Crew Physical Status: Head bump in the observatory – see operations report.
EVA: EVA 18 with Andrew and Steve to re-deploy the solar logger.
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist’s Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report (including an HSO report), EVA report, EVA Request(s), Astronomer’s report.
Support Requested: Nothing to request.

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