Crew 201 EVA Report 28Dec2018

[title EVA Report – December 28th]

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Crew 201 EVA Report 28-Dec-2018.

EVA #8

Author: Carlos Mariscal, XO.

Purpose of EVA: Test the behavior and performance of a 3D-printed mechanical prototype of exploration rover.

Start time: Not applicable. EVA did not take place.

End time: Not applicable. EVA did not take place.

Narrative: Originally, the purpose of the EVA was to test the performance and behavior of a 3D-printed rover prototype, however, due to last minutes issues with the printer, some joint parts could not be printed, thus the rover could not be totally assembled on time and the EVA did not take place. The printer is still working.

Destination: Surroundings of the MDRS, no further than 200 meters away from the station.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): E517900.01 N517900.01 (Outside the Hab)


César Serrano, Crew Engineer.

Federico Martínez, Crew Scientist/Astronomer.

Carlos Mariscal, XO.

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: We would have stayed in the surroundings of the station, no further than 200 meters away.

Mode of travel: Walking.

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