EVA Report – April 1st

EVA Report
EVA #8 – 01 Apr 2018 – Sol8
Crew members: Miho Tsukishiro (EVA leader), Fumiei Morisawa, Makoto Kawamura, Wataru Okamoto

– Operational check
– Outreach EVA (Yusuke’s Project)

13:30 – Entering the airlock
13:33 – EVA start
15:08 – BACK
16:03 – Entering the Airlock
16:06 – Enter HAB

Today is another day-off, but we do EVA for the outreach project of our commander Yusuke Murakami. For his commender report, we had photo-shooting on Mars: on the Hab Ridge and around the HAB. Because of good preparing before EVA, the shooting went very well and we got satisfactory results.

– 2 Rovers (Curiosity & Spirit)

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