Crew Photos – April 05th

SOL Essay (Photo Description)
05 Apr 2018

Sol 12
Miho Tsukishiro (XO)

It’s been a long and busy day.
In the morning, the EVA team did 3D survey of the HAB by a Drone Camera. It was for Wataru’s project and he succeeded it although it was a bit windy.
Then we had lunch with fresh vegetable in the GreenHab for the project of Kai. He planned letting us spend the day as the “Plants Day”. That is, we do what usually just only the GreenHab officer do: harvest, sowing, watering and eating etc. So we were surrounded by greenery today! So Kai did also greenery EVA in this afternoon. He took the team to the place where they could find some plants and let them observe and draw it. His interest is how will plants influence people especially in such a closed life.
Meanwhile, we worked hard again to clean the black water tank. We hope you can see the result: now ready to fill with the clean water!

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