EVA Report – April 11th

EVA Report

EVA #4 – 11Apr2018 – Sol 3

Crew members: Joe Dituri, Andreaa Radulescu

Search and explore area of Route 1101 for wreckage

0730 Begin EVA
0745 Arrive at Route 1101
0800 Progress ~halfway down route 1101 – Explored area
0900 Began to RTB
0910 Stopped at Zubrin’s Head because we though we saw some wreckage Explored for 10 min,
9940 Head back inside hab

Explored the Area of Route 1101. Climbed to the west most peek and was able to establish comms with the HAB from there. Also found metals cans in the shape of a P. Could be from our lost crew member…but not determinable. No other wreckage found. Suggest exploration elsewhere… Upon return we checked the state of the tank in RAM. We removed it and drained the excess water and then replaced in RAM in prep for cleaning more at some later date.

1. Red ATV
2. Blue #2

EVA Report

EVA #5 – 11Apr2018 – Sol 3

Crew members: Richard Blakeman, Ashok Narayanamoorthi

– Changed to an engineering EVA to secure hab from severe high winds
– Secured hab door, hab skirt, ladders, gear drift picked up and brought inside, broken wooden railing (and shards) brought inside
– Ensure that the hab is safe for the crew to remain in.

1630 – 1745

Today’s second EVA was turned into an engineering EVA due to a strong wind storm which presented an extreme safety hazard for our crew.

– None

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